Quatro Logiq Collection Fabric and Weave

Quatro Logiq ™ materials are a custom weave and material blend, which we have found though rigorous testing in tropical, subtropical, and temperate climates to be the idea design for optimal comfort, performance fit, and moisture management. Give it hell in the field, throw it in the wash and leave it to dry in the shade ready for your next outing. No need to hand wash and of course wash on a cool colors cycle, no bleach, and don’t iron.

 Stretch Fabric             Stitching Detail

Quatro Logiq ™ has chosen a technical fabric consisting of the ideal blend of polyester and spandex in a moisture wicking weave which is comfortable, soft, and a great fit. Unlike cotton blends it will not absorb moisture is non piling and there is no static cling like nylon.

 Outside Protective Weave             Inside Moisture Wicking Weave

The left frame is a microscopic image of the outside weave providing protection from the elements. The right frame is a microscopic image of the inside showing the moisture wicking weave providing breath-ability and skin contact comfort.

A weave of polyester is extremely durable, will not shrink or stretch, wrinkle resistant, and by itself quite stiff. Adding the perfect amount of elasticity by introducing elastic fibers of spandex into the core of the polyester strands result in a stretch yarn ideal to accommodate the needs of athletic movement and has the benefits of a close fit to wick moisture, reduce wind resistance, and of course looks and feels great.

Breathable             Moisture Wicking             Light Weight             Fast Dry                 Stretch

We have chosen a light weight 200 gsm fabric in order to balance the breath-ability and cooling properties of the material for temperate and subtropical climates to tropical climates. For colder climates and winter adventures we have found the Quatro Logiq ™ Cross Trainer Jacket compliments the Racer Back Tanks and provides the additional layer and coverage. The Cross Trainer Jacket can also be worn without the Racer Back Tanks giving you the options to meet a wide range of climatic conditions.