About Us


After years of gymnastics and national netball, running, gym, beach jogging and cycling are now my favourite fitness activities.

Tired of poor quality and high cost Workout Gear  & Sports Wear that is made for show only, and the desire to look great without belts, arm bands, and other methods to carry essential items, I developed the ultimate racer back tank top from the best technical fabric to hold your essentials firm against you without bounce. It is not as easy as just adding a pocket but with persistence, trial and error we succeeded.  

I am always asked where I got my top from,, so I started selling them. Taking the same approach to compression leggings resulted in a class leading garment unparalleled in the industry. Since then I have complemented the range with cross training jackets and shoulder sleeves which are all a "step up" from what is available in the market place.

We are now scouring manufacturers to bring to you garments that meet our standards, ( easy wear and fit, great quality and at sensible prices). it is certainly keeping us busy but lots of fun. So keep an eye out as our products we present can change week to week. 

From here I have great plans for corporate wear and selected gym wear all with the same quality metrics and with our legendary customer oriented focus. We like to please and if your not happy were not happy. 

Send me a message, I love to hear from our customers and shoppers what your looking for and will always respond.  sales@quatrologiq.com.au