Running Phones


Some like the music, others the security, and we all love the apps when doing our special thing. Whether it be motivation, connectivity, or posting pix we need to carry our phones when running, walking, jogging or cycling. 

However it is not as easy as you first thought. With damaged phones, bouncing belts, or arm rash surely there is a better way. So lets look back for a minute;

The birth of the mobile phone was in 1973. Most of us didn't get our hands on one until the 2G network rolled out in the late 1990's along with SMS texting and the famous Nokia 3310 handy phones weighing in at 170  grams. Remember texting speed competitions and the alternate txt fad. GR8 a new language.

In the year 2000 the fanny belt came into its own to carry keys, mobile phones, and  cameras.  With the advent of the Apple Ipod in 2001 the only place to carry it was in the fanny pack. Spot the tourist. Timing of the bounce was a skill few runners mastered, however it always looked unusual.

Speed up to 2010 where smart phones were replacing Ipods and cameras and personnel diaries (PDA,s) were the in thing to wear on your arm. Trouble was they were so large and heavy you felt like you had a boogie board strapped to your arm and looked like you just escaped from intensive care still wired up. Arm bands are hard to wash and that smell. We all know about that rash too, not such a good look.

By 2015 we had it all, GPS, music, mobile internet, fitness apps and Facebook. With the need to post everything we did and ate, exercise took second stage and had to be done holding your phone. No wonder walking zombies are back in popular culture. Screen repair shops were popping up everywhere, and sadly the pedestrian road toll was climbing in the cities.

Here we are heading toward 2020 with ever more powerful phones and robots algorithms performing the mundane and time consuming social networking tasks for us. We are starting to tire of the need to post everything we do and eat, to just get on with things. Phone development has reached the point where size is becoming standardised, water resistant is becoming common and wireless connectivity is taking off. Pay by phone app or credit card paywave, no need to carry cash.

So what have we learnt a lot over the last 20 years:

- Best place to carry your phone is on the hip or small of your back to keep your hands and arms free. Not in your bra, in your hand, down your tights, or in your sock.

- Pockets Pockets Pockets nothing else is as easy and effective (that why pockets have been around since 1600)

- Touch screen facing out (because if the screen wakes up it wont play pocket phone). 

- Quality blue tooth headphones are truly magic.

- Silicone credit card holders stick on the back of your phone (if you haven't got a bank app).

 Lets face it, we take our phones everywhere, so we may as well adapt, after all they are supposed to be mobile.

So how do you carry yours?






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