Low Cost Hydroponics

A growing number of fitness junkies are turning to hydroponics to enrich their diet and culinary skill. Nutrient solutions are the largest operating cost and it has been a black art in mixing your own until now.

This home made nutrient solution is not only easy to prepare it is also extremely cheep in comparison to the alternatives. It will support just about all plants especially leafy greens and herbs.


Recipe for 50 litres

3 teaspoons of thrive or Aquasol

1 teaspoon of Epson salts

3 teaspoons of gypsum (clay breaker is the cheapest)

100ml of Seasonol

200ml of fine ash from a wood fire.

Mix it all together with water and there you have it.

We use square PVC gutter with 7 X 100mm diameter pots containing Perlite grow media. You can use the Autopot automatic valves however we just check once a week and fill up when nearly dry.


Enjoy and let us know how you go.



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